Boros Oak Barrels

Carefully selected 120 years old Sessile Oak from Hungarian Zemplén Mountains


Taste of Tradition

Perfected by Hungarian master coopers for generations


„We are proud that wines from Boros Oak Barrels are winning international awards”

Csilla Boros

About Us

  • Wood is our passion, we study its properties and noble influence on the taste of wine and other liquors matured in barrels
  • We are a multilingual team focused on delivering best quality barrels for your wines and liquors
  • We have international sales representatives available to answer your inquiries
  • We are focused on building longterm relationships with our partners worldwide

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About Barrels

  • Wood: Carefully selected 120 years old sessile oak (Quercus Petraea)
  • Seasoning: 24 – 48 months on open air
  • Staves are bent with fire
  • Choice of toasting levels: low, medium, medium+, high
  • Hoops are made of galvanized steel
  • Handmade engraving if requested
  • ECO standard: made of natural materials only
  • Small barrels come with wooden stand, two bungs and a tap (wooden or brass)

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Sessile Oak

(Quercus Petraea)

The best quality Sessile Oak in Hungary grows in Zemplén mountains.
Our Oak is similar to a type of oak growing in France in Nevers and Allier regions.
In Hungarian mountains a tree is growing slower, has narrow, thick rings.
It has lower level of tannin than Pedunculate Oak.
Because of that, it gives well balanced complexity of wines and liquors’ taste.
Sessile Oak gives traditional oak taste with herbs and spices flavor, and aroma of cloves and cinnamon.

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Choice of Barrels


Big Oak Barrels

Capacity Weight Diameter Height Stave thickness Number of rings
Hungarian type
ikona-waga 29kg/64lb ikona-wysokość60cm/24in icon-height 60cm/24in ikona-grubość-klepki 2.7cm/1.1in ikona-obręcze 6
Hungarian type
ikona-waga40kg/88lb ikona-wysokość65cm/26in icon-height65cm/26in ikona-grubość-klepki2.7cm/1.1in ikona-obręcze6
Bordeaux – Barrique
ikona-waga 55kg/121lb ikona-wysokość 69cm/27in icon-height 95cm/37in ikona-grubość-klepki3.2cm/1.2in ikona-obręcze 6
ikona-waga 72kg/159lb ikona-wysokość 65cm/26in icon-height 98cm/38.5in ikona-grubość-klepki3.5cm/1.4in ikona-obręcze8
Hungarian type
ikona-waga 90kg/198lb ikona-wysokość100cm/39in icon-height 100cm/39in ikona-grubość-klepki4.4cm/1.7in ikona-obręcze8

You can order other types and sizes of barrels from 5 to 10.000 liters (1 to 2 200 gallons)

We can produce any customized barrel for your individual request and provide you with wooden accessories for barrels such as racks, bungs and taps

We offer attractive prices for larger orders

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trzy dębowe beczki Boros Oak Barrels

Small Oak Barrels

Capacity Weight Diameter Height Net price
wooden tap*
Net price
brass tap*
5l/1.1gal ikona-waga 4kg/9lb ikona-średnica 25cm/10in ikona-wysokość 25cm/10in 105 eur 125 eur
10l/2.2gal ikona-waga 6kg/13lb ikona-średnica 28cm/11in ikona-wysokość 30cm/12in 110 eur 130 eur
15l/3.3gal ikona-waga 7kg/15lb ikona-średnica 33cm/13in ikona-wysokość 33cm/13in 120 eur 140 eur
20l/4.4gal ikona-waga 9kg/20lb ikona-średnica 35cm/14in ikona-wysokość 38cm/15in 130 eur 150 eur
30l/6.6gal ikona-waga 12kg/26lb ikona-średnica 40cm/16in ikona-wysokość 40cm/16in 155 eur 175 eur
50l/11gal ikona-waga 16kg/35lb ikona-średnica 46cm/18in ikona-wysokość 49cm/19in 175 eur 195 eur

*the price does NOT include VAT (27%)

Small barrels can be also made of other types of wood: mulberry, cherry and acacia

Toasting levels


Low Medium Medium + High
Taste Mild aromas; fresh vanilla flavors Toasty aromas; more complex flavors More intense vanilla & spice; rich flavors Smoky, peppery; sweet roasted flavors
Purpose Mainly white wines and sweet wines Red and white dry wines, whisky Red dry wines, whisky Red dry wine, whisky

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Production Process


Wood seasoning


Dense tree rings


Processing and profiling of the staves




Fitting the lid


Fitting the hoops


Smoothing sharp edges


Quality control and final polishing


Payment can be made by:

  • bank transfer, accepted currencies: EUR, USD or GBP (sender covers all costs of transfer).
  • PayPal (3,6% charge will be added to delivery cost).

Payment details will be attached to the quotation. We will issue a VAT invoice for each purchase made.


Retail orders:

  • All individual barrel deliveries are fulfilled with GLS Group (
  • We provide you the parcel tracking link once the barrel is shipped.
  • Delivery cost for small barrel depends on the barrel size, weight and delivery country.
  • Average delivery cost in Europe for small barrel ranges between 15-30 Euro.
  • Average shipping time is 3 working days. Average production time is 7 days.

Bulk orders:

  • For large quantity orders, delivery cost and production time are individually calculated based on the order quantity, and clearly indicated in our quotation.
  • Our trusted logistic partners offer attractive delivery rates for bulk order delivery to any location worldwide.
  • Each barrel is securely packed in cardboard paper and foil to ensure you receive your barrel in perfect condition.



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